Varieties of Knowledge Production

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    Internationaler Workshop

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    TRIANGEL Transfer | Kultur | Raum, Kaiserstraße 93, 76133 Karlsruhe

  • Datum:

    16.10.23 - 17.10.23

Varieties of Knowledge Production and its Relevance for Societal Transformation

Four colorful squares next to each other. Text: 16 to 17 October 2023 in Karlsruhe, Germany

The central theme of the International Workshop focuses on 

Varieties of Knowledge Production and its Relevance:
What can we learn with regard to societal transformation?

The international workshop will explore types of knowledge and their crucial role in promoting social change and addressing urgent global challenges. Specifically, in the face of climate change, it seems important to recognise the diversity of types of knowledge that can contribute to finding solutions.

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, scientific models have become central to policy-making. However, it is important to understand that the production of knowledge is not the sole responsibility of scientific institutions. Rather, it seems necessary to recognise and value other types of knowledge, including technical, experimental, regional, indigenous and wisdom-based knowledge, in order to address the complexity of global challenges.

Call for Abstracts

In our workshop, we would like to explore the contributions of different types of knowledge to the transformation of modern society and examine the normative conditions for knowledge production, the tools for transformative practices and the development of new technologies. We would also like to discuss the role of scientific institutions and the different cultures of knowledge exchange.

We specifically invite submissions of contributions on the following topics:

  • The centrality of knowledge in modern societies
  • Epistemic cultures and the diversity of knowledge types
  • The role of experimental knowledge in innovation and transformation
  • The limitations of scientific and technical knowledge in addressing global challenges
  • The importance of diversity of knowledge types and knowledge transfer in societal transformation
  • Synergies between different forms of knowledge and their contribution to transformation
  • Varieties of knowledge production and their relevance for social transfor-mation
  • Normative premises for knowledge production and progress
Types of Contributions

We welcome different types of contributions to the workshop. You may submit the following types of contributions:

Short research papers - Present your interim or final results of a study and sub-mit a short research paper. Your paper can be up to 3000 words, including a short abstract of 50-150 words.

Long research contributions - Submissions should describe original, completed and unpublished work and include specific evaluation and analysis where appro-priate. Long papers may be up to 7000 words (including abstract), with additional pages allowed for references and appendices.

Poster contributions - Present an abstract of a study. Your poster contribution can be up to 1000 words, including a short abstract of 50-150 words.

Submission and publication for all contributions

The Workshop will be organised by the Institute of Technology and Systemsanal-ysis (ITAS) in collaboration with the KIT-Center “Humans and Technology” (MuT) and KIT-Graduate School “Cultures of Knowledge” (CuKnow). All contributions will be reviewed by selection committee with relevant expertise in the field. Af-ter the peer review process, the selection committee will make the final decision on which contributions will be suitable for presentation at the conference. For short research papers, the authors may be invited to either an oral or poster presentation, depending on the decision of the committee. All contributions will be published as conference papers.

Key Dates

Deadline for submitting your contribution: 30 June 2023
Notification of the final outcome of the peer review process: 15 July 2023

Please send your contribution to: knowledge-production does-not-exist.itas kit edu

As a hybrid event, we are offer both physical and online attendance options, as well as remote presentation possibilities.

We look forward to your contributions and lively discussions in our host city Karlsruhe


Dr. Bettina-Johanna Krings


knowledge-production does-not-exist.itas kit edu