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Christoph Schneider

Christoph Schneider, M.A.

Scientific staff
Research area Knowledge society and knowledge policy
Room: 320
Phone: +49 721 608-24792
christoph schneider3Kyc1∂kit edu
Institut für Technikfolgenabschätzung und Systemanalyse (ITAS)
Postfach 3640
76021 Karlsruhe


Studies of sociology with a minor in Educational Planning and Instructional Design (B.A.) at University of Freiburg, Germany. Postgraduate studies of sociology (M.A.) at Lancaster University, UK.

Entry at ITAS

Since 2012, scientific staff member at ITAS.

Fields of work

  • Sociology of futures
  • Sociology of technoscience
  • Sociology of knowledge
  • Collaborative research and action research (co-founder of FabLab Karlsruhe e.V.)
  • Open Source Hardware and FabLabs

Further information on my work can be found on my blog: www.im-noch-nicht.de

Current projects

Selected publications outside of ITAS

Schneider, C. (2011)
"Smartphones in or out of place?", presentation given at the Summer Conference, Sociology Department, Lancaster University, July 5th, 2011

Recent publications

Lösch, A.; Heil, R.; Schneider, C.
Visions as socio-epistemic practices shaping the present. Vortrag auf der 4s/EASST Conference Barcelona 2016, Spanien, 31.08.-03.09.2016

Lösch, A.; Heil, R.; Schneider, C.
Visions as socio-epistemic practices: a concept to analyze the effects of visions. Vortrag auf dem 3rd ISA Forum of Sociology, Wien, Österreich, 14.07.2016

Lösch, A.; Schneider, C.
Transforming power/knowledge apparatuses: the smart grid in the German energy transition. Innovation: The European Journal of Social Science Research (2016), publ. online, DOI: 10.1080/13511610.2016.1154783
Abstract englisch/htm Manuskript/pdf

Lösch, A.; Böhle, K.; Coenen, Chr.; Ferrari, A.; Heil, R.; Dobroc, P.; Sand, M.; Schneider, C.
Leitbilder und Visionen als sozio-epistemische Praktiken. Theoretische Fundierung und praktische Anwendung des Vision Assessment in der Technikfolgenabschätzung. Vortrag beim Statuskolloquium des Helmholtzprogramms "Technologie, Innovation und Gesellschaft (TIG)", Wissenschaftszentrum, Bonn, 22.-23.02.2016

Schneider, C.; Hahn, J.
'Hacking responsible innovation' - A workshop at the S.NET Conference 2014 and an experiment in responsible research and innovation. In: Bowman, D.M.; Dijkstra, A.; Fautz, C.; Guivant, J.; Konrad, K.; van Lente, H.; Woll, S. (Hrsg.): Practices of innovation and responsibility: Insights from methods, governance and action. Berlin: AKA 2015, S. 227-234
(Studies of New and Emerging Technologies / S.NET, Vol. 6)

Schneider, C.; Sand, M.
The making of visions - Visioneering socio-technical innovations. Vortrag auf der 1st International Conference on Anticipation, Trento, Italien, 05.-07.11.2015

Böschen, S.; Hahn, J.; Lösch, A.; Scherz, C.; Schneider, C.
Trading zones on and through objects: the regulative capacity of knowledge objects in the governance of knowledge societies. Vortrag auf der Tagung SPIRAL "Trading Zones", Liege, Belgien, 15.-16.10.2015

Schneider, C.; Lösch, A.
What about your futures, Technology Assessment? An Essay on how to take the visions of TA seriously, motivated by the PACITA conference. Technikfolgenabschätzung - Theorie und Praxis 24(2015)2, S. 70-74
Volltext/pdf Inhalt/htm

List of publications at ITAS