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Head of institute

Prof. Dr. Armin Grunwald

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Constanze Scherz


Elke Träutlein
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TATuP – Journal of Technology Assessment in Theory and Practice

The issue 2/2018 Automatisiertes Fahren is online.

Office of Technology Assessment at the German Bundestag



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Welcome to ITAS

ITASThe Institute for Technology Assessment and Systems Analysis (ITAS) investigates scientific and technological developments with a focus on their impacts and possible systemic and unintended effects. It produces analytical knowledge and assessments of socio-technical developments in order to provide policy and design options for decision-makers. The research covers ethical, ecological, economic, social, political-institutional, and cultural questions. Major goals are advice for research and technology policy, provision of knowledge for the design of socio-technical systems, and the organization and observation of discursive processes on open and controversial questions of technology policy.


Climate protection – let’s dare it together!
Climate-friendly everyday life

Together with citizens, the transdisciplinary project „Climate protection – let’s dare it together!” wants to develop alternatives for climate-friendly actions in the fields of nutrition, mobility and consumption. The Kickoff was on 16 November 2018.

Integrative assessment of the German energy transition
Well meant, but also well done?

Scientists at ITAS have assessed the sustainability of the German energy transition. Their result: Nearly half of the indicators examined require rapid measures in order to achieve the sustainability goals.

Brettspiel "Lebe global" des Quartier Zukunft
Playing sustainability

How can CO2 emissions be effectively restricted in a globalized world? A team of the ITAS´s real world lab has developed a board game for the didactical use e.g. at schools. It allows its players to immerse in crucial questions of sustainable living.



Cover Energy as a Sociotechnical Problem
Energy as a Sociotechnical Problem

The new book edited by ITAS scientists presents the ongoing transformation of energy supply as a multi-dimensional process. It focuses on the thesis that analytical dimensions interact with each other in shaping the energy future.

Technology Assessment in Practice and Theory

Head of ITAS Armin Grunwald gives a comprehensive overview on the field of TA – including the motivations for TA, its history and current practices. Based on profound experience he also provides a fresh theoretical perspective on TA in a global context.


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