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Head of institute

Prof. Dr. Armin Grunwald

Deputy head of institute:

Constanze Scherz


Bettina Schmidt-Leis
Phone: 0721 608-22501
Fax: 0721 608-24806
E-Mail: bueroXhs4∂itas kit edu

Technology Assessment - Theory and Practice

The issue 3/2016 of the journal TATuP is available.

Cover 3/2016

Office of Technology Assessment at the German Bundestag



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Welcome to ITAS

ITASThe Institute for Technology Assessment and Systems Analysis (ITAS) investigates scientific and technological developments with a focus on their impacts and possible systemic and unintended effects. It produces analytical knowledge and assessments of socio-technical developments in order to provide policy and design options for decision-makers. The research covers ethical, ecological, economic, social, political-institutional, and cultural questions. Major goals are advice for research and technology policy, provision of knowledge for the design of socio-technical systems, and the organization and observation of discursive processes on open and controversial questions of technology policy.


PRISMA project on RRI graphics
Promoting RRI approaches in European Industry

Companies in the EU still lack experience in RRI practices. The new PRISMA project, with eight Europe-wide industrial pilot projects, aims to show the added value of opening up the innovation process for social engagement and gender issues.

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Social Bots - Discussion of interim results

The interim results of the exploratory study are discussed in the German Bundestag on 26 January 2017 from 2.30 pm to 5.00 pm.

Armin Grunwald, Head of ITAS
Search for a final repository: ITAS head member of advisory group

The two houses of the German Parliament appointed Armin Grunwald to the national advisory group for the selection of a final repository site for highly radioactive waste. The group shall accompany the process as supervisor and mediator.



Cover TATuP-Heft 3/2016
TATuP Issue 3/2016 on real labs published

Transdisciplinary “real labs” are becoming increasingly popular. The current thematic focus presents, among others, results from four real laboratories in Baden-Württemberg. Also in this issue: an outlook on the redesigned TATuP appearing in 2017.

Cover: Inter- und Transdisziplinarität bei der Entsorgung radioaktiver Reststoffe
Inter- and Transdisciplinarity in the Disposal of Radioactive Waste

The book, originating from the ENTRIA project, discusses the theoretical background and practical experiences of inter- and transdisciplinary cooperation in the controversially discussed field of nuclear waste disposal.


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