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Here you will find the publications of the ITAS - including the Office of Technology Assessment at the German Bundestag (TAB) and the Central Department of Material Flows (ITAS-ZTS) - with their bibliographic information.

For access, an interactive interface is available, which contains a search for words as well as various filter possibilities: the ITAS publication database via openTA publication service. Alternatively, you will find predefined selections on the publication data stock:

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ZTS Publikationen (ITC-ZTS)

Year 2021

Subsurface Environmental Modelling Between Science and Policy.
Scheer, D.; Flemisch, B.; Class, H.
2021. Springer International Publishing. doi:10.1007/978-3-030-51178-4
Journal Articles
Transdisciplinary sustainability research in real-world labs: success factors and methods for change.
Bergmann, M.; Schäpke, N.; Marg, O.; Stelzer, F.; Lang, D. J.; Bossert, M.; Gantert, M.; Häußler, E.; Marquardt, E.; Piontek, F. M.; Potthast, T.; Rhodius, R.; Rudolph, M.; Ruddat, M.; Seebacher, A.; Sußmann, N.
2021. Sustainability science. doi:10.1007/s11625-020-00886-8