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News from ITAS can be found on the institute's website. They often include information on new and completed projects, important publications, upcoming events and ITAS staff. The institute's "news" since 1998 can be found in the news archive. This makes it possible to track the activities of the institute over a longer period of time.

The ITAS Newsletter, which is only available online, bundles and condenses news that has been successively released in the preceding 4-6 weeks on the institute's web sites. Links in the online newsletter lead directly to more detailed information on the ITAS server. All issues of the ITAS newsletter are being archived and can be accessed online. The ITAS newsletter fulfills two different functions concerning the information: On the one hand it provides a periodical overview on the constantly expanding information available on the server, on the other hand it complements the category "ITAS news" of the ITAS journal "Technology Assessment – Theory and Practice", which is published three times a year, with more up-to-date information.

The ITAS Yearbook is aimed at co-operation partners and the TA community – at the same time, it offers insight into the Institute’s work to all those interested. On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of ITAS, the Yearbook was published for the first time in a new and compact format: interviews, reports, and short essays as well as large infographics provide insights into current research topics. In October 2018, the Yearbook was published in English for the first time.

The TA Calendar shows a preview of upcoming events at the ITAS and the TA community. A look at past dates is possible. With the iCalendar-Link single or multiple events can be imported into your own calendar application.

Under the menu item Events a list of conferences and workshops will be shown that ITAS has carried out since 2004. In addition to the complete program sometimes related documents are offered also.

"News from the NTA" offers news from TA institutions (without ITAS), which participate in the portal openTA of the Netzwerk TA. They are aggregated and presented by the openTA news service.


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