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Davi Ezequiel François

Davi Ezequiel François

  • Institut für Technikfolgenabschätzung und Systemanalyse (ITAS)
    Postfach 3640
    76021 Karlsruhe

Fields of work

Renewable energies

Professional background

2000 - 2001 Employee of the newspaper “Jornal da Manhã”, Ijuí, Brazil
2001 - 2007 Employee of the computer company “Sisnema Informática”, Porto Alegre, Brazil
2005 - 2011 Studies in Electrical Engineering at the "Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul" (PUCRS), Porto Alegre, Brazil
2007 - 2009 Member of scientific staff at “Núcleo de Pesquisa em Imagens Médicas” (NIMed) at PUCRS, Brazil
2010 - 2011 Member of scientific staff at “Centro de Energia Eólica” (CE-EÓLICA) at PUCRS, Brazil
since 2013 Member of scientific staff at ITAS, scholarship of the “Conselho Nacional de Desenvolvimento Científico e Tecnológico” (CNPq)

Selected publications

Alé, J. A. V.; Oliveira, C. P.; François, D. E.; Lopes, A. M. G.
Wind resource of microregions in south and northeast of Brazil: an evaluation of meteorological data and computational tool. In: Europe's Premier Wind Energy Event - EWEA 2011, Bruxelas, Belgium

François, D. E.; Alé, J. A. V.; Provitina, F.
Challenges to connect small wind systems into grid in Brazil. In: Europe's Premier Wind Energy Event - EWEA 2012, Copenhagen, Denmark

François, D. E.; Alé, J. A. V.
Geração eólica: Perspectivas do uso de pequenos aerogeradores conectados à rede elétrica. In: Eletricidade Moderna, São Paulo, Brazil, P. 54 - 65, 02/2013


Poganietz, W.-R.; Francois, D.; Leao, R. P. S.; Antunes, F. L. M.
Changing the focus on energy poverty to the energy-poverty nexus. The case of rural Ceará - Brazil.
2019. 2nd International Conference on Energy Research and Social Science : Energy and Society in Transition (2019), Tempe, AZ, USA, May 28–31, 2019 
Francois, D. E.; Poganietz, W.-R.
Context energy scenarios for the energy-poverty nexus: looking beyond the number of people with access to modern energies.
2018. ESS International Conference ’Energy Scenarios - Construction, Assessment, and Impact’ (2018), Karlsruhe, Germany, September 24–25, 2018