Young Investigator Group Preparation Program (Fellowship)

Project description

The goal of the Young Investigator Group Preparation Program is to support postdoctoral researchers in (further) developing their own research profile and setting up their own research group. More information on the program can be found here.

My fellowship focuses on the topic of actors in urban transitions.

Cities are drivers of the Great Transformation towards sustainability. Yet, the shift toward sustainable urban development requires the reorientation of planning toward transformative planning practices. Transformative planning practices are characterized by co-creation and experimentation. Recent work on practices of urban planning and development shows, however, that the necessary shift toward transformative practices is often not achieved.

My work focuses on the question of how novel research insights could contribute to transformative urban development. So far, there is still a research gap regarding actors’ lack of transformative agency in practice: There remains a need to understand how, why, and under what circumstances citizens, academia, industry, and government (with a focus on urban and regional planners) are willing and able to jointly shape urban sustainability transitions. My work therefore aims to provide insights into actors (Individuals), actor relations (Interaction), and possible activities to influence actors’ practices in order to enable transformative practices (Intervention). To this end, I aim to provide an integrated socio-psychological and spatial analysis of sustainable urban development.


Bögel, P.; Albiez, M.; Trenks, H.; Stelzer, V.; Möller, A.
Von der Idee zum Realexperiment: Dein BalkonNetz.
2021, July 27. Beyond Technology : Perspektivenwende in der Energietransformation (2021), Online, July 6–27, 2021 
Journal Articles
Bögel, P. M.; Pereverza, K.; Upham, P.; Kordas, O.
Connect to transform – Enabling transitions towards smart and sustainable cities.
2019. 3. Digital Changemakers Summit: „Smart and Sustainable Cities“ (2019), Mannheim, Germany, October 18–19, 2019 


Dr. Paula Maria Bögel
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