Christina Benighaus

Dipl.-Geogr. Christina Benighaus

  • Institut für Technikfolgenabschätzung und Systemanalyse (ITAS)
    Postfach 3640
    76021 Karlsruhe

Current positions

  • Senior Researcher and head of section Communication - Information, Dialogue, Participation of DIALOGIK gGmbH Stuttgart
  • PhD student at the University of Stuttgart and University of Marburg, former scholarship holder Alliance ENERGY-TRANS of the Helmholtz Association, ZIRIUS, University of Stuttgart, PhD thesis on “Acceptance of deep geothermal energy”

Fields of work

  • Planning of alternative conflict resolution and stakeholder engagement
  • Risk Governance, Management and Communication of risks of different themes, chemicals, geothermal, energy, nutrition, mining, environment, radiation protection
  • Development of dialogue and communication structures
  • Facilitation and mediation of public participation and stakeholder processes

On the internet

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Professional background

1989 - 1997 Diploma in Geography, Meteorology, Soil Science and Chemistry at the University of Bonn
1997 Research associate at the University of Halle / Saale
1998 - 1999 Research associate at the TU Chemnitz, Department of Social and Economic Geography
1999 - 2002 Consultant at the Institute for Organizational Communication GmbH (IFOK)
2002 - 2003 Senior researcher at the Center of Technology Assessment in Baden-Württemberg, discourse unit
2004 - 2005 Senior researcher at the Department of Technological and Environmental Sociology at the University of Stuttgart
since 2004 Senior researcher at DIALOGIK gGmbH Stuttgart
2009 - 2016 Senior researcher at the Department of Technological and Environmental Sociology at the University of Stuttgart
2016 - 2017 Visiting researcher at the Geothermal Institute, Faculty of Engineering, University of Auckland, NZ
since 2020 Senior researcher at ITAS

Selected publications

Benighaus, C.; Bleicher, A. (2019)
Neither risky technology nor renewable electricity: Contested frames in the development of geothermal energy in Germany. Energy Research and Social Science. Elsevier Ltd. Vol 47, pp 46-55.

Porcari, A.; Borsella, E.; Benighaus, C. et al. (2019)
From risk perception to risk governance in nanotechnology: a multi-stakeholder study. J Nanopart Res (2019) 21: 245.

Meller, C.; Schill, E.; Bremer, J.; Kolditz, O.; Bleicher, A.; Benighaus, C.; Chavot, P.; Gross, M.; Pellizzone, A.; Renn, O.; Schilling, F.; Kohl, T. (2017)
Acceptability of geothermal installations. A geoethical concept for GeoLaB, Geothermic (2017 online).

Benighaus, C.; Wachinger, G.; Renn, O. (2016)
Bürgerbeteiligung Konzepte und Lösungswege für die Praxis, Frankfurt a. Main: Metzner, 2016

Schweizer, P. J.; Renn, O.; Köck, W.; Bovet, J.; Benighaus, C.; Scheel, O.; Schröter R. (2014)
Public participation for infrastructure planning in the context of the German “Energiewende”, Utilities Policy (2014),