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2023 - 2024: The role of R&I in ensuring a safe and sustainable supply of Critical Raw Materials in the EU

Research and innovation are essential to maintaining and increasing the prosperity of European society while tackling global challenges such as climate change. Raw materials in general and Critical Raw Materials in particular are an important part of the physical basis for society’s wellbeing.

Therefore, it is timely and important to specify the statement above for R&I needs regarding the secure and sustainable supply of critical raw materials. A clear and more detailed understanding of the R&I challenges and their respective contexts is required to formulate policies that aim to step up the contribution of R&I to European Open Strategic Autonomy. This study provides this specification and policy options based on three main pillars:

  1. solid knowledge of Critical Raw Materials in and for the EU,
  2. insightful qualitative analysis of the role of R&I along Critical Raw Materials supply and value chains, and
  3. quantitative analysis on the positioning of the EU in the international landscape of R&I for Critical Raw Materials.

Contact: Miltos Ladikas, Institute for Technology Assessment and Systems Analysis (ITAS)