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Research group “Digital Technologies and Societal Change” (DigIT)

Based on a theoretical approach, the research group analyzes and evaluates developments in the field of digital technologies regarding their interaction with societal change processes. The social implications of digital technologies are examined both in the context of recent technological developments, such as in the field of artificial intelligence or algorithms, and in their transformative potential in social fields, such as the world of work.

On the one hand, the research results are fed into current scientific debates. On the other hand, they serve the mission of technology assessment in the sense of formative societal advice: They examine the technical and social dimensions of current digital change, determine risks, needs, and options for action, and can thus ultimately contribute to transforming technological progress into societal progress.

Head of research group
Portrait Title Name Phone E-Mail
Linda Nierling
Dr. Dipl.-Umweltwiss. +49 721 608-22509 linda nierlingAfw3∂kit edu

Members of research group
Portrait Title Name Phone E-Mail
Jascha Bareis
M.A. +49 721 608-24616 jascha bareisHzt1∂kit edu
M.A. +49 721 608-28177 anja folberthDiq7∂kit edu
M.A. +49 721 608-28978 philipp freyZgn7∂partner kit edu
Reinhard Heil
M.A. +49 721 608-26815 reinhard heilFpb4∂kit edu
Carsten Orwat
Dr. +49 721 608-26116 orwatGkb5∂kit edu
M.A. +49 721 608-26875 christian wadephulBqm4∂kit edu
Karsten Wendland
Prof. Dr. +49 721 608-22648 karsten wendlandIqz7∂kit edu

Current projects
Title Project team Start