Global Sustainable Development – Sustainability Research within the Helmholtz Association

Since 1998 the Helmholtz Association has been doing research with the aim to contribute to the operationalization of the general principle of sustainability. The series “Global Sustainable Development – Sustainability Research within the Helmholtz Association” (formerly: Global Sustainable Development – Perspectives for Germany) makes the results of these long-term research activities accessible to interested people from science, politics, economy, and the general public. It also provides a forum for further societal discussion on sustainable development which is supported by research. ITAS had the main responsibility in the joint research project “Global Sustainable Development – Perspectives for Germany” of the HGF and is the publisher of the book series.

Publications of the series

Grunwald, A.; Coenen, R.; Nitsch, J.; Sydow, A.; Wiedemann, P.
Forschungswerkstatt Nachhaltigkeit : Wege zur Diagnose und Therapie von Nachhaltigkeitsdefiziten
2001. edition sigma 
Kopfmüller, J.; Brandl, V.; Jörissen, J.; Paetau, M.; Banse, G.; Coenen, R.; Grunwald, A.
Nachhaltige Entwicklung integrativ betrachtet : Konstitutive Elemente, Regeln, Indikatoren
2001. edition sigma