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Futures of Technology, Science and Society

This interdisciplinary series of books is devoted to technology futures in their scientific and societal contexts. The use of the plural "futures" is by no means accidental: firstly, light is to be shed on a broad spectrum of developments in science and technology; secondly, debates on technoscientific fields such as biotechnology, information technology, nanotechnology, neurotechnology and robotics are influenced by a multitude of viewpoints and interests. On the one hand, these futures have an impact on the way advances are made, as well as on their results and consequences, for example by shaping the scientific agenda. On the other hand, scientific and technological innovations offer an opportunity to conceive of new futures with different implications for society. Reflecting this reciprocity, the series concentrates primarily on the way in which science and technology are influenced social and culturally, on how their results can be shaped in a responsible manner in society, and on the way they affect our images of humankind.

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Heil, R.; Seitz, S.B.; König, H.; Robienski, J. (Hrsg.):
Epigenetics - Ethical, Legal and Social Aspects

Wiesbaden: Springer VS 2017, DOI: 10.1007/978-3-658-14460-9 (Futures of Technology, Science and Society), ISBN 978-3-658-14459-3, 208 S., Euro 53,49


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Modern epigenetics unites scientists from life sciences, organic chemistry as well as computer and engineering sciences to find an an answer to the question of how environmental influences can have a lasting effect on gene expression, maybe even into the next generations. This volume examines from an interdisciplinary perspective the ethical, legal and social aspects of epigenetics.

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