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ITAS 01-2024 Master Thesis A System Dynamics model for Li-Ion battery production and values chains


Job description

Within the ongoing energy transition, increasing amounts of different Lithium-Ion secondary batteries (LiB) will be needed for stationary and mobile applications. There are some sustainability related drawbacks re-lated to the production of LiB regarding e.g., resource and energy use and related environmental impact. The aim of the thesis is to carry out an assessment of a selected lithium-ion battery production and correspond-ing value chain using a system dynamics approach. The expected goals are the identification of potential effects of potential disruption or changes in the value chain on Lithium-ion battery production in Europe. The work is carried out in close cooperation with the POLIS Cluster of Excellence at KIT and the Technical Research Center Finland (VTT). The latter holds expertise in the field of system dynamics and KIT for resources and bat-tery production.

In particular, the work comprises the following tasks:

  • Review of existing publications on Material Flow and Life cycle Assessment studies for Lithium-ion batteries
  • Identification of important actors and processes along the value chain
  • Analysis of energy and materials flow analysis within a system dynamics approach
  • Quantification material and energy flows in the corresponding model
  • Development of sensitivity analyses.
  • Critical reflection of the outcomes

Personal qualification

Students of industrial engineering, process, social sciences, system analysis or similar disciplines

  • Good technical understanding
  • Initial experience with material and energy flow analysis or life cycle assessment advantageous
  • Skilled in MS-Office (Excel and Word)
  • Very good English skills (basic knowledge of German is an advantage)
  • Organized and reliable, working independently and self-motivated.     


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