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news_2023_003_ClimateChallenge“Challenge” for more climate protection

Experiments for change are at the heart of the new #climatechallenge project, which aims to help people take a more active role in climate protection. The project will provide training for cities, municipalities, and educational institutions.

news_2023_tab_003_Arbeitsbericht_PflanzenzüchtungReport on plant breeding

Breeding plants in a way that promotes diversity is regarded as a central element of future-proof and sustainable agriculture. However, TAB believes that the public debate does not yet do justice to the importance of this topic.

news_2023_002_TA_in_a_Globalized_World_2Technology assessment in a globalized world

Technologies play a key role in addressing global challenges such as climate change, digitalization, and health. A new book deals with the growing need for coordinated action and governance in the field of science, technology, and innovation (STI).

Cover der Publikation über urbanen HolzbauUrban timber construction in Germany

Not least due to its ecological advantages, timber construction is currently experiencing a renaissance and is increasingly finding its way into inner-city areas. The TAB Short Study deals with the status quo and the perspectives of urban timber construction.

news_2023_001_Promotionskolleg_KLIRECDoctoral program in “Climate, Resources, and Circular Economy”

The challenges of climate protection and careful use of natural resources are closely linked. To investigate the interactions, KIT, significantly represented by ITAS, and Pforzheim University award 15 scholarships.

news_2023_tab_001_arbeitsbericht_204Algorithms in digital media

More and more people inform themselves via search engines, social networks or video platforms that select their content with the help of algorithms. A new TAB working report examines how this practice affects opinion formation.