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How can the digital transformation be used for the benefit of all?
Icon Data, information, knowledge

The digitalization of large spheres of human life is progressing at a rapid pace. It entails not only technical and economic but also social change. IT infrastructures make our modern society work. Networked information and communication technologies enable intelligent power grids, new medical infrastructures, new forms of industrial logistics and production, and rapid changes in the world of work. Behind this are algorithms and huge amounts of data, which bear great potential, but also social challenges, such as adequate regulation.

The scope and dynamics of digital transformation is reflected in many ITAS projects: governance of and by algorithms, ethical questions of learning systems, progressive automation, Industry 4.0, and the impact of digitalization on the labor market.

AI in agriculture

Digitalization and the use of AI in agriculture and the bioeconomy is also an object of research at ITAS, for example, in the DESIRA project. Here, researchers use interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary formats to make social perspectives and knowledge available for technology development and science policy.


Artificial intelligence: Prof. Dr. Karsten Wendland

Digital work: Dr. Linda Nierling

Digitalization in agriculture: Dr. Christine Rösch

Governance of/by algorithms: Dr. Carsten Orwat

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