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Scientific and technological progress does not only improve our lives, but frequently has unexpected and often undesirable effects. At ITAS, we contribute to realizing its potential while minimizing its risks.

Our addressees are politics, business, and society – the actors who shape scientific and technological progress. We offer them knowledge for action and point out possible solutions to global challenges.

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The digital future of critical municipal infrastructures

The TAB report sheds light on the use of digital solutions in water and waste management. It identifies ways in which municipalities can exploit the potential of digitalization while ensuring the security of supply and disposal.

Sector coupling: Guidance for municipalities

How can cities or rural districts effectively interconnect their electricity, heat, and transport infrastructures and thus advance the energy transition? This question was the focus of the ZuSkE project, the results of which have now been presented.

veranstaltungen_2023_büdiAmadeus Bramsiepe / KIT
Climate protection that pays off! Review of dialog event

What would happen if we were rewarded for every climate protection measure in their everyday lives? What could appropriate rewards look like and would they be desirable at all? These questions were the focus of the citizens´ dialogue on 14 October 2023.

EPTA Conference on opportunities and risks of generative AI

This year's conference of parliamentary TA institutions took place in Barcelona on 9 October 2023. Researchers and parliamentarians from all over Europe discussed the challenges of generative AI for politics, society and regulators.




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