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At ITAS, we contribute to exploiting the potential of technical progress while minimizing its risks. Our addressees are politics, business, and society – the actors who shape scientific and technological progress. We offer them knowledge for action and point out possible solutions to global challenges.
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Trees as a shield for cities in climate change

Climate change has arrived in German cities. Heat and drought periods are becoming longer and hotter. To mitigate the consequences, researchers led by forest expert Somidh Saha recommend planting more trees to take advantage of their cooling potential.

New textbook on technology assessment

20 years ago, Armin Grunwald authored the first German-language introduction to technology assessment. Now the professor of philosophy of technology and head of ITAS has published a completely updated and expanded new edition.

New TATuP issue “Energy sufficiency”

Can modern societies get by with less energy than before? The current TATuP issue looks at the opportunities offered by the sufficiency concept and scenarios for lower energy consumption.

Podcast on 3D printing

3D printing is seen as a technology with a huge potential for a wide range of applications. What the innovative manufacturing technology exactly does and how it could be used by society is the topic of a new, five-part podcast series.



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