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Scientific and technological progress does not only improve our lives, but frequently has unexpected and often undesirable effects. At ITAS, we contribute to realizing its potential while minimizing its risks.

Our addressees are politics, business, and society – the actors who shape scientific and technological progress. We offer them knowledge for action and point out possible solutions to global challenges.

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Complex systems – benefit or burden?

A new TA preliminary study discusses why and how an in-depth examination of the complexity of our energy system can help build more resilience into our critical infrastructure.

Außenansicht vom deutschen Bundestag
A new impetus for parliamentary technology assessment in Germany

In the new contract period with the German Bundestag, the TAB has further developed its formats. Armin Grunwald presented the innovations at his presentation of the 2023 Activity Report to the Committee on Education, Research and Technology Assessment.

Transforming toward sustainability with real-world laboratories

Real-world laboratories have established themselves as places of transdisciplinary research and innovation, particularly in German-speaking countries. A special issue of GAIA, co-edited by ITAS researchers, includes the international state of research.

New TATuP issue on AI for decision support

Whether for steering vehicles, making medical diagnoses, or supporting the courts – increasingly far-reaching decisions are in the hands of artificial intelligence. The current TATuP Special topic asks about the consequences.




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