ITAS Yearbooks

The ITAS Yearbook is aimed at co-operation partners and the scientific community in the field of technology assessment (TA). At the same time, it offers insight into the institute’s work to all those interested. On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of ITAS in 2015, the Yearbook was published for the first time in a new and compact format: interviews, reports, and short essays provide multifaceted insights into current research topics. Large infographics and photo series complement the text.

In October 2018, the Yearbook was published in English for the first time, thus taking account of the increasing internationalization of TA. The current issue focuses on key societal problems such as resource scarcity, converging infrastructures, the provision of data and knowledge, and the long-term management of scientific and technological change.

All Yearbooks can be downloaded in PDF format.

ITAS Yearbook 2018 ITAS Yearbook 2018 (English)
ITAS Yearbook 2015/2016 ITAS Yearbook 2014/2015 (German)
ITAS Yearbook 2003/2004 ITAS Yearbook 2003/2004 (German)
ITAS Yearbook 2001/2002 ITAS Yearbook 2001/2002 (German)
ITAS Yearbook 1999/2000 ITAS Yearbook 1999/2000 (German)