Institute for Technology Assessment and  Systems Analysis (ITAS)

Social trust in learning systems

Project description

Within the framework of the basic-funded in-house research, research questions are dealt with which, in the context of program-oriented funding, contribute to the profile development of ITAS in the Helmholtz Research Field Information in the thematic area “Learning Systems”.

The research focuses primarily on the development and framing of a context-specific understanding of processes, methods and consequences of learning systems as “enabling technologies” as well as possibilities for a responsible handling of potential risks in various fields of application. Since the overarching problem of trust in information systems is also affected by automated applications and decision-making systems, the research will focus in particular on relevant questions concerning societal trust in learning systems. This will build on previous and parallel work of the project members on risk research, autonomous driving, automation of the working world, adversarial AI, explainable AI and the philosophy of science of the computational sciences, which will be further developed or made fruitful for application within the thematic field. An important task of the project is to bring together the previously unconnected work on this topic at ITAS and to develop a common perspective. This also includes organizing the transfer of knowledge across project and research groups and intensifying the cooperation with KIT computer science institutes.


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