ESD for 2030: Teaching tools and key competencies for sustainable product development for engineers (NaProIng)

Project description

The aim of the “NaProIng” project is to develop and offer tools and key competencies in the subject area of sustainability for the education of engineers. The course units are designed as three-part modules, consisting of the interface to the respective subject area, a theory and methods block, and a focus-related example application. In this way, students are picked up where they feel thematically at home. In order to ensure that the project does not remain a mere concept for integrating sustainability orientation into engineering education and that it has a rapid impact, the willingness and acceptance of all those involved is necessary. The most important thing here is the interaction with the lecturers who are currently responsible for engineering education. At first, we have to arouse their interest in sustainable product development. Therefore, we promote the integration of the modules into the existing courses of study as a tandem of engineering scientists and social scientists.

In addition to the modules supplementing the current lectures, we also want to develop block seminars that are offered, for example, on weekends and credited as voluntary additional work. These, too, should be tailored to the respective discipline. KIT as a long-established technical university and research center in the Helmholtz Association is a suitable starting point, since many different technical expertise and characteristics of engineering education are available here. Building on exemplary installations on site, the connection to other technical universities and colleges shall be used to roll out the mediation throughout Germany. In addition to lecture modules and block seminars, online lectures (Massive Open Online Course, MOOC) will also be developed and made available via the Internet to students within degree programs or as a recognized additional service.


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