New deputy heads for the institute

ITAS – and the tasks for its heads – have grown steadily in the recent past, along with new challenges and fields of activity. In view of this development, Rafaela Hillerbrand and Torsten Fleischer have been appointed as new deputy heads of the institute.
Neue Mitglieder der Institutsleitung: Rafaela Hillerbrand und Torsten Fleischer
New deputy heads of institute: Rafaela Hillerbrand and Torsten Fleischer

From now on, ITAS will have a broader executive team. In addition to the long-time head of institute Armin Grunwald and his deputy Constanze Scherz, there will be two additional deputy heads in the future. They will focus on specific executive tasks.

In his role as new deputy head, Torsten Fleischer will be in particular responsible for the strategic development of the institute in Helmholtz research with a focus on the research field Information. Torsten Fleischer has been an ITAS scientist from the very beginning and has been responsible for a large number of TA projects in the field of mobility technologies. He is in charge of the research group Mobility Futures at ITAS.

New deputy head Rafaela Hillerbrand will particularly focus on the strategic development of the institute’s university matters, especially with regard to KIT as a university of excellence. As a professor for philosophy of technology and science, she heads the ITAS research group PhilETAS (Philosophy of Engineering, Technology Assessment, and Science) and the KIT Academy for Responsible Research, Teaching, and Innovation (ARRTI). (30.03.2021)

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