STOA Report "Looking Forward in the ICT & Media Industries" released [25.02.2009]

The thematic focus of the report is on "networked electronic media", Web 2.0 and User Generated Content (UGC), and the impact of these developments on media industries.

This report is the final deliverable of the STOA project "Looking forward in the ICT and media industry - technological and market developments". It is based on research by ITAS, which is member of ETAG (the European Technology Assessment Group), performing studies for the European Parliament's STOA Panel. In addition to desk research the report draws on communications with 25 experts, who commented on an earlier version of the report, and insights from a mixed workshop in the European Parliament on "ICT & Media Industries in the Times of Web 2.0" attended by MEPs, EC staff, and experts.

Bibliographical references:
Böhle, K.; Rader, M.; Weber, A.; Weber, D.
Looking Forward in the ICT & Media Industries. STOA Final Study 34 (IP/A/STOA/FWC2005-28/SC34). Brussels: European Parliament 2008

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