Looking forward in the ICT and media industry – technological and market developments

  • Project team:

    Böhle, Knud (Project leader); Michael Rader; Arnd Weber; Dirk Weber

  • Funding:

    STOA (The Science Technology Options Assessment Panel of the European Parliament)

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  • End date:


  • Research group:

    Innovation processes and impacts of technology

Project description

The project will consist of a review of literature and expert opinions on current and expected technological and market developments in the field of ICT with an impact on the media industry.In particular the impact of "convergence" and "web 2.0 / user created content" will be addressed. In the stock-taking part of the study, up-to-date information will be provided about the position of European players in the global market for digital media - their strengths and weaknesses.

A mid to long-term foresight perspective will be taken in order to identify emerging disruptive technologies and services likely to further change the media business. Taking current legislative and regulatory efforts into account, the study aims to indicate regulatory challenges and requirements stemming from the anticipated changes.

The findings of the project's investigations will be discussed in a workshop. The final report will integrate the results of the workshop with a focus on those issues requiring future regulatory attention.


Journal Articles
Böhle, K.
Looking Forward in the ICT and Media Industry – Technological and Market Developments Foresight
2008. The European Foresight Monitoring Network (EFMN), Foresight Brief, (154), 141–145 


Dipl.-Soz. Knud Böhle, M.A.
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)
Institute for Technology Assessment and Systems Analysis (ITAS)
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