Tobias Deprie

Tobias Deprie, M.Sc.

  • Institut für Technikfolgenabschätzung und Systemanalyse (ITAS)
    Postfach 3640
    76021 Karlsruhe

Fields of work

  • Life cycle assessment and systems analysis of artificial photosynthetic systems

Professional background

since 2022 Scientific staff member at ITAS
2020 - 2021 ifeu gGmbH, Heidelberg
2017 Research visit at Stellenbosch University (RSA)
2016 - 2019 M.Sc. Chemisty, Heidelberg University
2012 - 2016 B.Sc. Chemistry, Heidelberg University


Deprie, T.; Patyk, A.
Towards negative emissions: a comprehensive analysis of artificial photosynthesis for CO2 mitigation and its ecological, economic and social implications
2024, May 15. 8th Green and Sustainable Chemistry Conference (2024), Dresden, Germany, May 13–15, 2024 
Journal Articles
Erakca, M.; Deprie, T.; Ersoy, H.; Bautista, S. P.; Baumann, M.; Weil, M.
Meeting report: “17th Society and Materials Conference”. Conference, 2023, Karlsruhe, DE
2023. TATuP - Zeitschrift für Technikfolgenabschätzung in Theorie und Praxis, 32 (2), 66–67. doi:10.14512/tatup.32.2.66Full textFull text of the publication as PDF document
Deprie, T.
Environmental, Economic and Social LCA of Carbon Sink Products from Artificial Photosynthesis
2023. 17th Society and Materials International Conference (SAM 2023), Karlsruhe, Germany, May 9–10, 2023