Integrated urban e-ticketing for public transport and tourist sites

Project description

The project deals with the development of integrated ticketing systems for public transport and tourist sites in cities. The overall idea of integrated ticketing is to combine several modes of transport (e.g. tram, bus, car-, and bike-sharing) and other interesting fields of application (e.g. leisure offers and tourist attractions) on a single ticket. That way, integrated ticketing schemes aim at facilitating the combination of transport modes and the transfer for its users.

Ticket issuers hope to receive a deeper insight into their customers’ habits and preferences. High accessibility and information are also key determinants that affect touristic and leisure sites’ attractiveness. Modern multi-application smart cards are able to incorporate different fields of application (e.g. leisure and touristic schemes) and the most successful schemes in Asia are already using such special features. While technologies are already available and ready to meet multi-function requirements, e-ticketing has not yet been implemented on a transnational scale in Europe. A prerequisite for implementation is that a number of stakeholders, such as public transport operators and authorities, financial service providers, mobile phone providers, standards bodies, and the tourism industry are working together to combine their products on a single card. One of the main barriers for the functioning are, rather than technological aspects, the difficulties in agreeing on the same standards. Obviously, there is a need for organizational, management, and governmental changes to make such systems come true on a wider scale.

The project will comprise a review of existing systems of urban transport ticketing assessing their level of integration into tourist sites and into urban transport system and will analyze possible impacts of this integration. The analysis carried out will lead to the elaboration of targeted recommendations for EU policy-makers and for local authorities to support the development of an integrated ticketing system and to address possible questions about data privacy protection.


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