Competence Network Modelling the Bioeconomy: Subproject 6 – Cross-linking of CarboMoG

  • Project team:

    Poganietz, Witold-Roger (Project leader); Dominik Poncette

  • Start date:


  • End date:


  • Project partners:

    University of Hohenheim: Institute of Agricultural Policy and Markets (Department 420a) and Institute of Farm Management (Department 410B);

    University of Stuttgart: Department Life Cycle Engineering (GaBi), Department of Building Physics (LBP), and Institute for Energy Economics and the Rational Use of Energy; 

    Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Institute for Industrial Production (IIP); Centre for European Economic Research (ZEW), Research Area Environmental and Resource Economics, Environmental Management

  • Research group:

    Socio-Technical Energy Futures

Project description

The modelling expertise relevant for bioeconomy that is concentrated in Baden-Württemberg and the complementarity of the applied modelling approaches offer a unique opportunity for a closer co-operation of different groups of researchers on the integrated modelling of bioeconomy. The aim of this competence network is to make the direct and indirect effects (economic, material) of the use of biomass in different fields of application comparable and assess them accordingly. This provides a framework for the assessment of the different uses of biomass, which will be employed in the context of this project primarily for the utilization paths biogas, lignocellulose, and algae (research associations), but also as a basis for analyzing further utilization paths and integrated bioeconomy scenarios. Such a framework allows the comparison of the economic advantages of different transformation pathways with their economic costs.

The subproject "Cross-linking of CarboMoG TP 6" aims at both identifying interfaces to various models in the competence network and contributing to the development and analysis of the scenarios which have to be developed within the project. The first one also includes the preparation of contributions to the network’s workshops and the compilation and/or revision of the model documentation.

The model CarboMoG can be downloaded as a physical Input-Output Model.


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