Overarching KIT 2025 strategy: Human resources – Subproject 7: Visions of future work

  • Project team:

    Krings, Bettina-Johanna (Project responsibility in ITAS)

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    KIT (internal project)

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Project description

Similar to neighboring overarching KIT strategies such as “Excellence,” KIT has launched the overarching KIT strategy “Human Resources” headed by Vice President Christine von Vangerow. This strategy aims to develop and introduce a binding human resource strategy at KIT by the year 2025 that is geared to the current internal and external challenges of human resource development. The strategy was conceived as a project at KIT that is organized in a participatory way, i.e., representatives from all areas such as the Executive Board, research, administration, works council, etc. were invited to actively participate in this process with their expertise.

In cooperation with the Executive Board, seven main topics have been defined so far, which will be further elaborated in seven subprojects:

  • Subproject 1: Staff recruitment
  • Subproject 2: Junior staff development and specialist careers in administration & technology
  • Subproject 3: Specialist careers for permanent scientific staff
  • Subproject 4: Human resource planning
  • Subproject 5: Toolbox for managers
  • Subproject 6: Human resource management
  • Subproject 7: Visions of future work

Dr. Bettina-Johanna Krings, ITAS, was appointed to Subproject 7 “Visions of future work” to contribute her expertise on the quality of future work processes and forms of work. The subproject is coordinated by M.A. Katrin Klink, PEBA. It comprises three conceptual phases:

  1. Analysis of current social developments such as demographic change, digitalization of work, etc. in order to formulate the structural challenges of staff policy.
  2. Deepening of the topics in workshops with experts in a first step and through individual expert interviews from different fields in a second step.
  3. Evaluation of the results with regard to design options for sustainable working models at KIT. These are assessed against selected social and ethical criteria of “good” work.

In addition, the results of the other subprojects will be integrated into the work on sustainable working models. Besides the interactive processes in the subproject, the results will be published in scientific papers.


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