Problematic substances in construction materials

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    Jeske, Udo (Project leader); Markus Arendt; Rolf Möller; Wolfgang Linden

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Project description

The project focuses on problematic substances in construction materials which may be relevant to the environment and human health during all phases ranging from the construction to the use, recycling and removal of the materials. Substances enter the "building" and "living" areas at various times by decisions of persons and actions of various groups. Therefore, the investigation concept does not only deal with the service life of the materials, but also with the chain of actors. The term "problematic substance" is understood to include both pollutants and hazardous substances. It is distinguished between problematic substances that have a long-term or potential effect on the environment, may cause pollutions of the interiors or endanger human health and problematic substances to be considered in the case of fires or accidents. At first, the project is not subject to any limitations. Problematic substances in construction materials, which are known or suspected to have damaging effects, are named regardless of whether actual damage has been caused or not. They include problematic substances named in administrative standards, problematic substances listed in information systems of professional associations and published "lists of poisons" as well as problematic substances meeting with a very high sensitivity of the society. Limiting aspects will be added later on.


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