Effects on the car sharing business model - with consideration of the stakeholder approach

Project description

The sharing economy, a new economy of bartering and sharing, is increasingly entering the current economic system. In this context, use of a particular product simply is paramount, not its purchase. This is called use orientation. The car sharing is a key part of the sharing economy, and, as a result, to sustainable business models.

The main focus of this PhD project is the influence various stakeholder groups have on the development of the sustainable business model of car sharing. It also explores the scope of this influence and the relationships of the stakeholder groups, both historically and at the moment.

In this light, the time periods are investigated: time of market launch/first contact with stakeholder, previous years, the present, and the future.

The PhD project is based on expert interviews with the car sharing stakeholders of the providers of car sharing. The survey method is a guided interview conducted using a semi-structured questionnaire. The evaluation is done using a computer-aided qualitative data analysis.

With regard to the research field of development conditions of sustainable business models, research findings can be gained, namely, how stakeholders have an influence on this process, and what this process looks like. These findings will lead to recommendations for action on how sustainable business models with regard to the stakeholder approach can be more easily initiated in the future. The stakeholder approach functions as a tool for sustainability oriented business model development as well as business model innovation.

In practice, conclusions can be drawn, about how the car sharing business model, in consideration of the different expectations and interests of the stakeholders, can be made more attractive for customers. The project therefore aims to make an innovative contribution to our understanding of sustainable mobility.

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