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Waste Management, Waste Recycling, Waste Treatment - Contribution to Sustainable Ecological Development

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    Brune, Dietrich (Project leader)

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    Sustainability and environment

Project description

The nature and type of recycling, processing and disposal of waste and waste water are important fields for action in achieving the goal of sustainable development. In Germany the Recycling Act was a substantial operationalisation step whose individual measures and regulations can bring this goal closer. Important elements in this Act are the provisions on waste recycling, the priority of materials recycling over raw materials recycling and the opening up of the waste industry to free market structures.

Currently the resulting structures in the waste industry, and specifically the process of separate collection, and the concentration process in the waste collection, treatment and disposal business are the subject of criticism. The development in the costs of waste management is another reason for general concern.

The goal of the project is to study more closely how far the current waste management concept, the individual measures and methods of treatment and the waste industry structures are mutually compatible and contribute to achieving the goal of sustainable development.


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