Innovation Networks and Industrial Modernization - A Study on Armenia, Latvia and Russia St.Petersburg Region)

  • Project team:

    Bechmann, Gotthard (Project leader); Günther Frederichs

  • Funding:

    European Commission

  • Start date:


  • End date:


  • Project partners:

    WRC, Finland; CISR, Russia; LIE, Lithuania; SOREC, Armenia; University for Ecology and Policy, Moscow, Russia

  • Research group:

    Knowledge society and knowledge policy

Project description

ITAS is participating in the international project "Innovation networks and industrial modernisation" promoted by the EU. The goal of this project is to analyse the development of innovation networks as a central element of industrial modernisation in Russia (St. Petersburg region), Lithuania (Riga region) and Armenia. Based on research and experience in two western nations (Finland, Germany) with regional innovation systems, a model for innovation networks and economic cooperation is to be designed and used within the framework of the economic transition process in the three selected countries for developing innovation and cooperation strategies.

ITAS has taken on the job of analysing the Baden-Württemberg innovation network and describing structural conditions for developing innovation strategies on the basis of a study of the literature. The Baden-Württemberg innovation network is intended to provide a comparative framework for the studies in the other countries.


Bechmann, G.
Science and Technology Policies for the Beginning Century
2000, April. Lectures of the Course, Inter-University Centre Dubrovnik (2000), Dubrovnik, Croatia, April 24–28, 2000 


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