Storage Research Infrastructure Eco-System (StoRIES)

Project description

In December 2019, the European Commission presented the “European Green Deal”, a set of policy initiatives aiming at ensuring the EU becomes climate neutral by 2050. These policy initiatives have strong implications for the energy sector, especially concerning energy storage: new energy storage technologies will supply more flexibility and balance in the grid, providing a back-up to intermittent renewable energy and contributing to seasonal energy storage challenges. Above all, the main challenge for energy storage development is economic. The StoRIES project was born with the idea of addressing this challenge. A consortium of beneficiaries, consisting of facilities of the European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures (ESFRI), technology institutes, universities, and industrial partners, will jointly improve the economic performance of storage technologies. The main technological objectives of StoRIES are linked to energy storage development by providing access to world-class research infrastructures and services. The focus is on improving materials and optimizing hybrid energy systems. In this way, energy technologies can be made more competitive and costs reduced. In addition, StoRIES, with ITAS participating as task coordinator, focuses on the analysis of socio-technical and environmental aspects of new developments and systems to provide a common base for technology assessment, training and education on these issues.

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