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In December 2019, the European Commission presented the “European Green Deal”, a set of policy initiatives aiming at ensuring the EU becomes climate neutral by 2050. These policy initiatives have strong implications for the energy sector, especially concerning energy storage: new energy storage technologies will supply more flexibility and balance in the grid, providing a back-up to intermittent renewable energy and contributing to seasonal energy storage challenges. Above all, the main challenge for energy storage development is economic. The StoRIES project was born with the idea of addressing this challenge. A consortium of beneficiaries, consisting of facilities of the European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures (ESFRI), technology institutes, universities, and industrial partners, will jointly improve the economic performance of storage technologies. The main technological objectives of StoRIES are linked to energy storage development by providing access to world-class research infrastructures and services. The focus is on improving materials and optimizing hybrid energy systems. In this way, energy technologies can be made more competitive and costs reduced. In addition, StoRIES, with ITAS participating as task coordinator, focuses on the analysis of socio-technical and environmental aspects of new developments and systems to provide a common base for technology assessment, training and education on these issues.

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Book Chapters
Liu, X.; Ersoy, H.; Baumann, M.; Passerini, S.
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Journal Articles
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Potential of Aluminum as a Metal Fuel for Supporting EU Long‐Term Energy Storage Needs
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Conference Papers
Peters, J.; Baumann, M.
Preise und Carbon Footprint emergenter Natrium-Ionen Batterien
2024. 18. Symposium Energieinnovation, Graz, Österreich, 14.02.2024 - 16.02.2024. Hrsg.: Udo Bachhiesl 
Peters, J.; Baumann, M.; Jasper, F.; Erakca, M.; Ersoy, H.; Pinto-Bautista, S.; Haruna, B. R.; Weil, M.
Nachhaltigskeitsbewertung von Natrium-Ionen Batterien in der frühen Entwicklungsphase - Usecase Kathodenscreening
2024. 18. Symposium Energieinnovation (EnInnov 2024), 14.-16.02.2024, Graz, Österreich. Hrsg.: Udo Bachhiesl, Udo 
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Technology Assessment and prospective Systems Analysis for emerging Battery Technologies
2024. Center for Technology Foresight and Policy, IIT Jodhpur (2014), Jodhpur, India, March 28, 2024 
Baumann, M.; Ersoy, H.; Erakca, M.; Buchgeister, J.; Haruna, B. R.; Jasper, F.; Peters, J.; Weil, M.
Use Cases for life cycle Costing of batteries – from screening to application
2024. Life Cycle Costing of Batteries, challenges and outlooks (2024), Online, January 24, 2024 
Erakca, M.; Baumann, M.; Helbig, C.; Weil, M.
Challenges of prospective LCA and review of potential scale-up techniques
2024. PhD and Postdoc Workshop of the WG Prospective LCSA on "Prospective Assessment of Energy Technologies and Systems" (2024), Göttingen, Germany, March 13, 2024 
Ersoy, H.
Prospective LCA of an Al-air battery for seasonal energy storage use case
2024. PhD and Postdoc Workshop of the WG Prospective LCSA on "Prospective Assessment of Energy Technologies and Systems" (2024), Göttingen, Germany, March 13, 2024 
Journal Articles
Journal Issues
D’Urso, C.; Baumann, M.; Koposov, A.; Weil, M.
Battery and Energy Storage Devices: From Materials to Eco-Design
2023. Elsevier Ltd 
Baumann, M.; Erakca, M.; Ersoy, H.; Pinto Bautista, M. P., Sebastian; Jasper, F.; Weil, M.
Prospective Sustainability Assessment for Batteries, use cases, challenges and recommendations
2023. Alkeemia Battery Forum 2023 (2023), Murano, Italy, March 30–31, 2023 
Baumann, M.; Gil Bardaji, M. E.
Overview about the state-of-play of energy storage applications with a specific focus on long duration storage, smart mobility and off-grid applications
2023. JPs e3s and ES joint workshop "ENERGY FOR THE FUTURE - Exploring not-technical factors for Energy Storage deployment" (2023), Madrid, Spain, June 15–16, 2023 
Baumann, M.; Haase, M.; Weil, M.
A sustainability perspective on energy storage technology, methods, challenges and prospects
2023. StoRIES Summer School: "REPowerEU and the need for energy storage in Europe" (2023), Nicosia, Cyprus, May 29–June 1, 2023 
Baumann, M.; Haase, M.; Weil, M.
Energy Storage Sustainability Assessment – Battery use cases and the multi criteria decision making approach
2023, May 23. Institute for advanced energy technologies "Nicola Giordano" (ITAE 2023), Messina, May 23, 2023 
Baumann, M.; Peters, J.; Weil, M.
Sustainability of Sodium-Ion batteries towards different development stages and PV-based applications
2023. Renewable Energy Workshop and Mobile Solar Power Energy Storage System Demonstration (REWED 2023), Wolverhampton, May 5, 2023 
Gleeson, S. A.; Kusebauch, C.; Baumann, M.; Formann, S.; Hartmann, I.; Naegler, T.; Weil, M.; Zapp, P.
Energy transition and (critical) raw materials
2023. FVEE Jahrestagung "Forschung für ein resilientes Energiesystem in Zeiten globaler Krisen" (2023 2023), Berlin, Germany, October 10–11, 2023 
Ersoy, H.; Baumann, M.; Weil, M.; Ramos, T. B.
Constructive Sustainability Assessment of an Emerging Energy Storage Technology
2023. 17th Society and Materials International Conference (SAM 2023), Karlsruhe, Germany, May 9–10, 2023 
Book Chapters
Peters, J. F.; Baumann, M.; Weil, M.; Passerini, S.
On the Environmental Competitiveness of Sodium‐Ion Batteries – Current State of the Art in Life Cycle Assessment
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Journal Articles
Baumann, M.; Häringer, M.; Schmidt, M.; Schneider, L.; Peters, J. F.; Bauer, W.; Binder, J. R.; Weil, M.
Prospective Sustainability Screening of Sodium-Ion Battery Cathode Materials
2022. Advanced energy materials, 12 (46), Artkl.Nr.: 2202636. doi:10.1002/aenm.202202636Full textFull text of the publication as PDF document
Conference Papers
Ersoy, H.; Baumann, M.; Weil, M.; Passerini, S.; Barelli, L.
Circular Use of Aluminium as an Energy Carrier
2022. The International Committee for Study of Bauxite, Alumina & Aluminium (Hg.): TRAVAUX 51. Proceedings of the 40th International Conference and Exhibition (ICSOBA 2022), Athen, Griechenland, 10.10.2022-14.10.2022, 159–166 
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Ökonomischer, ökologischer und systemischer Wert von netzgekoppelten Energiespeichern
2022. VDI Verlag 
Baumann, M.; Erakca, M.; Bautista, S. P.; Ersoy, H.; Mandade, P.; Stuhm, P.; Jasper, F.; Peters, J.; Weil, M.
Life cycle oriented sustainability assessment of energy storage technologies - use cases from a lab to market level
2022. 2nd World Energy Storage Conference (WESC) / 7th UK Energy Storage Conference (UKESC) (2022), Birmingham, United Kingdom, October 12–14, 2022 
Baumann, M.; Ersoy, H.; Peters, J.; Weil, M.
Energy storage in future power grids - potential sustainability challenges
2022. Bringing research and industry closer: Energy storage and CSP/CST (SUPEERA 2022), Almería, Spain, November 15–16, 2022 
Baumann, M.; Häringer, M.; Schmidt, M.; Schneider, L.; Peters, J.; Bauer, W.; Binder, J. R.; Weil, M.
Explorative MCDA of Sodium-Ion Battery Cathode Materials based on a sustainability Screening method
2022. 16th Society and Materials International Conference (SAM 2022), Online, November 8–9, 2022 
Baumann, M.; Peters, J.; Jasper, F.; Weil, M.
Sustainability of Sodium-Ion batteries out of a life cycle perspective
2022. 7th International Conference on Sodium Batteries (ICNaB 2022), Ulm, Germany, December 5–8, 2022 
Baumann, M.; Weil, M.
Battery energy storage – A brief introduction
2022. VWI Insight – Energie von Morgen (2022), Karlsruhe, Germany, June 22–24, 2022 
Buchholz, A.; Baumann, M.; Weil, M.
LCA example for a HTS-Cable System for grid applications
2022. Hi-SCALE 1st Training School (2022), Gliwice, Poland, October 10–14, 2022 
Baumann, M.; Weil, M.; Stuhm, P.; Erakca, M.; Ersoy, H.; Bautista, S. P.; Mandade, P.
Constructive technology Assessment as base to shape emerging technology – a use case for energy storage
2022. 5th European Technology Assessment Conference (ETAC5 2022), Karlsruhe, Germany, July 25–27, 2022 
Ersoy, H.; Baumann, M.; Barelli, L.; Weil, M.; Passerini, S.
Reactive Metals as Energy Carriers: An Aluminium-based Hybrid Energy Storage Case
2022. Helmholtz Energy Young Scientists Workshop 2022 - Enabling cooperation and networks in energy (2022), Maintal, Germany, May 30–31, 2022 


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