A roadmap to foster social value in business, research and innovation strategies / Co-Creation Dialogue

  • type of event:

    Stakeholder Dialogue

  • place:
    UNI - Italian Standard Body, Via Sannio 2, 20132, Milan, Italy
  • date:

    30.10.18 - 31.10.18


The PRISMA project is developing a RRI/CSR roadmap to set a path for companies to improve the social value of their research and innovation processes, and their overall social performances. The roadmap is being developed seeking to promote a common understanding of RRI, and assist companies to:

  • Embed RRI principles in specific R&I projects
  • Make the business case for RRI
  • Articulate a responsible strategy for their organization

The event will provide an opportunity to discuss and shape the contents of the RRI/CSR roadmap, that will be based on the outcomes of the PRISMA RRI case studies at industrial level, by other stakeholders’ experiences on strategic and structural changes aiming to implement RRI and the analysis and discussion of existing CSR tools and initiatives.

The workshop will bring together participants from industry, academia, policy makers and civil society organizations.

Emphasis will be given to existing norms, standards and best practices in the field of innovation and social responsibility, crucial to bring products to the market place. One of our objectives would be to develop the methodology (RRI/CSR roadmap) referring to existing standard work in the areas of quality, risk and innovation management, and social responsibility. For this purpose, the event is held in cooperation with the Italian Standard Body.

The Co-creation Dialogue will explore the extent to which a roadmap can contribute to responsible innovation and business strategy, in particular when it comes to transformative technologies, such as nanotechnologies, synthetic biology, Internet of Things, and autonomous vehicles.