Battery storage systems as balancing option in intermittent renewable energy systems - A transdisciplinary approach under the frame of Constructive Technology Assessment

Project description

Different battery storage technologies are considered as important flexibility option in face of increasing shares of renewables in the grid. A challenge is to support decision-making by providing a broader perspective on sustainable battery technology development, choice and implementation. The tailored approach in frame of Constructive Technology Assessment (CTA) includes a combination of system analysis (using LCC, LCC and other methods) and multi-criteria decision making (MCDA - using AHP and TOPSIS) to conduct a sustainability oriented assessment of 10 different energy storage technologies (8 battery technologies, pumped hydro storage and compressed air storage) based on four different application areas and stakeholder preferences. A wide set of relevant stakeholders from industry, society and academia has been actively involved into the assessment (interviews and surveys). Results provide quantitative information about the sustainability of energy storage technologies and offer an indicative ranking of these for multiple grid services. It could be shown that there is only a moderate consensus among actor groups about attributed weights to the different criteria considered.

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