Karlsruhe Transformation Center is founded

Our society is facing profound transformations of ways of living and economics towards a future viability and sustainability. The Karlsruhe Transformation Center for Sustainability and Cultural Change (KAT) supports these processes of change.
Illustration von Personen in Stadtpark, die sich unterhalten, Fahrrad fahren und anderweitig aktiv sind. KAT
A sustainable coexistence that respects the environment, our fellow human beings and our posterity – this is what the KAT is committed to with a wide range of activities in research, education and consulting. source: Johanna Sophie Sterrer, KIT

The KAT combines science and practice in seven fields of action: Research, Education, Consultation, Understanding and Networking, Reflection and Contemplation, opening Experimental Spaces, and Action and Innovation. To advance the “Great Transformation“ (WBGU 2011), the KAT builds a bridge from knowledge to action.

The KAT understands transformation as a comprehensive eco-socio-technical change and researches and accompanies innovations for sustainable development. It develops training courses and offers individual consulting for municipalities, institutions, companies and organizations. In this context, real labs create the interface between science, business, politics and society. “With the KAT, we are creating an institution of change and bringing topics such as climate protection, energy transition and a culture of sustainability to a practical level,“ says Dr. Oliver Parodi, head of the KAT.

The institutional background of the KAT is the Institute for Technology Assessment and Systems Analysis (ITAS) at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). “As a university of excellence, we are proud to be able to show that outstanding research and practical relevance are not mutually exclusive, but can be wonderfully combined as within the KAT,“ says KIT President Professor Holger Hanselka.

The founding ceremony for the KAT is planned as part of the conference “Acting Sustainably - Real Labs in Transformation“ on June 2 and 3, 2022 at Südwerk Karlsruhe. (02.02.2022)

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