New video series “ITAS kompakt”

In the short videos, researchers present their work – comprehensibly, vividly, and to the point. The first part of the series is about future visions of 3D printing technologies and the question of how society can benefit from the technology.
Neue Videoreihe „ITAS kompakt“
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What topics do technology assessment experts deal with? What methods do they use and what research questions drive them? The new short video series “ITAS kompakt”, in which researchers present their work, offers a glimpse behind the scenes of the Institute. The aim is to illustrate the topics and working methods at ITAS and make them more tangible for the general public.

First video on future visions of 3D printing released

The video series kicks off with Christoph Schneider from the research group Socio-technical Futures and Policies. As part of an ITAS project team, he is working in the Cluster of Excellence 3D Matter Made to Order on future visions of 3D printing and the question of what they tell us about the future of technology. He is also concerned with the question of how we as a society can responsibly shape current developments in 3D printing.

The videos in the series will appear at regular intervals – including on the Institute’s YouTube channel. (02.03.2020)

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