Survey: Consequences of the corona pandemic

What are the long-term social consequences of the corona crisis? How will everyday life change, and where should policy intervene? ITAS researchers have put theses up for debate that can be evaluated in an online survey.
Source: Anna Shvets/Pexels

The corona pandemic entails drastic measures and unprecedented cuts in social and economic life. The social, economic, political, and cultural consequences for our societies are still hard to predict.

In order to identify the medium and long-term issues arising from the current crisis, but also possible solutions for politics and science, ITAS researchers have developed an online survey.

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The survey is aimed primarily at people working with visions of the future – whether in science, politics, business, or civil society. Participants are invited to evaluate 21 theses developed at ITAS in the fields of culture, politics, climate, and energy. (16.07.2020)

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