Climate-friendly everyday life

Together with citizens, the transdisciplinary project „Climate protection – let’s dare it together!” wants to develop alternatives for climate-friendly actions in the fields of nutrition, mobility and consumption. The Kickoff was on 16 November 2018.
Illustration zum Projekt "Klimaschutz gemeinsam wagen!"
More climate-friendly districts are the objective of the new project in district future. (Illustration: Katja Saar)

How can climate protection be integrated into the everyday life of as many people as possible? This is the question the new project embedded into the real-world laboratory District Future - Urban Lab deals with. Within the next four years, scientists want to develop climate-friendly alternatives in everyday actions together with citizens and local initiatives. The focus lies on the three topic areas nutrition, mobility and consumption.

Networks on consumer- and provider side

„Climate protection – let’s dare it together!” is going to approach the topic from different standpoints and therefore to establish two actor networks: One on the side of consumers (citizens, households, house communities and neighborhoods) and one, with focus on nutrition, on the side of providers (local gastronomy, cafeterias and canteens).

Support of climate coaches

Trained climate coaches will support the networks during the project. They will help with the realization of different measures and serve as disseminators to promote a transfer of climate protection into other districts.

The objective of the project, which is funded by the Federal Environment Ministry, is to record the actual savings of greenhouse gas emissions and, furthermore, to work systematically on awareness raising and sensitization in the field of climate protection. (04.12.2018)

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