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New head of ITAS research area

Since June 2018, Andreas Lösch has been co-head of the research area Knowledge society and knowledge policy. The sociologist, habilitated at TU Darmstadt, has been researching at ITAS since 2011 – inter alia, on the topics of vision assessment and future
Andreas Lösch, Leiter des Forschungsbereichs Wissensgesellschaft und Wissenspolitik am ITAS
Andreas Lösch (Source: Göttisheim/KIT)

Andreas Lösch’s main scientific interests are the sociology of knowledge, science, and technology as well as science & technology studies (STS). In particular, he is engaged in research into the role of future knowledge in the formation and regulation of technological fields as well as theory and method development for vision assessment in TA. For the evaluation of future knowledge and practical application of vision assessment, he has established fundamental research at ITAS across all research areas.

Basic research and teaching

Since 2014, he has led a corresponding project on socio-technical futures as part of socio-epistemic practices in innovation and transformation processes. The project involves case studies on a variety of topics such as nanotechnology, smart grid, in vitro meat, Industry 4.0, or OpenDesign and FabLabs. Since 2016, Andreas Lösch has also been involved in teaching at KIT via the Department of Science Communication of the Institute for German Studies. He also supervises various social science doctorates and engages in the doctoral program at ITAS.

TA and societal change

The research area Knowledge society and knowledge policy, which he leads together with Bettina-Johanna Krings, deals with the interplay of the core dimensions of technology assessment (knowledge, advice, decision making) in the face of societal change processes.

For example, about 20 scientists are exploring the importance of new forms of knowledge for the governance of technological developments (e.g., long-term governance), new policy advice requirements, or social transformations through digitalization (e.g., in work and care). (25.06.2018)

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