Project start of "QuartrBack" for people with dementia

ITAS participates in the development of an intelligent emergency chain that enables people with dementia as much as possible to live a self-determined life.
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People with dementia often undergo behavioral changes which get worse as the disease progresses, often accompanied by disorientation, wandering, depression, anxiety, and aggression. For the people suffering from dementia, this results in a decreasing degree of self-determination, independence, and social involvement.

The objective of the collaborative project "QuartrBack – District-wide intelligent emergency chain for people with dementia", funded by the BMBF for the duration of three years, is to enable affected people as much as possible to lead a self-determined life and participate in society. To this end, the project partners combine the extensive use of different technologies with the services of a ServiceCenterPflege (SCP) – a software for care documentation that will include additional functions for data collection in order to identify possible actions and coordinate the use of (voluntary) helpers if assistance is needed. The goal of the scientists is to develop an intelligent emergency chain that involves municipalities and a network of voluntary helpers.

In this process, ITAS will be in charge of the technology assessment that will accompany every stage of the project. Special emphases will not only be put on technical, but also on legal, economic, social, and ethical aspects of the technologies in use. Beyond this interdisciplinary discourse ITAS will analyze the various expectations and (technical) requirements of the different stakeholders and will examine how they can be coordinated. Furthermore ITAS will support the project partners in the conception and setup of the ServiceCenterPflege as well as the network of voluntary helpers and will accompany field tests. (24.06.2015)

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