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TAB working report No. 120, 2007 available: "Storage of Greenhouse Gases in the Subsoil" [04.06.2008]


For an effective climate protection the worldwide emissions of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere have to be reduced rigorously. In addition to the well known strategies – rational use of energy and energy savings as well as substitution of fossil energy carriers that are detrimental to the climate with less CO2-intensive energy sources e.g. natural gas and particularly renewable energies – recently the possibility is increasingly discussed to collect CO2 that is formed in power stations and industrial facilities and to store it in the subsoil (Carbon Capture and Storage, CCS).

The TAB-report highlights the current state and the perspectives for further development of this technology, which could be mature for large-scale application in about 15 to 20 years. The technology chain consists of the separation of the CO2 at the point of formation, e.g. at a coal power station, its processing and transportation via ship or pipeline to the place of deposition and its injection in geological formations, that are suitable for permanent storage. The current state of knowledge regarding the potentials, the risks and environmental impacts is presented. The costs and the energy demand along the process chain are discussed. Provided the technological feasibility can be demonstrated, the CCS-technology can only be realised if it can be integrated into the energy system and it can be made competitive with other options to mitigate CO2 (energy efficiency, renewable energies). It is essential that a high degree of public acceptance can be assured from the onset. Hence proposals are developed here how a public debate on the topic CCS can be initiated. In addition, options for action are identified to create an appropriate regulatory framework.

Bibliographical Details:
Reinhard Grünwald
CO2-Abscheidung und -Lagerung bei Kraftwerken.
- Sachstandsbericht zum Monitoring „Nachhaltige Energieversorgung“.
Berlin: Büro für Technikfolgen-Abschätzung beim Deutschen Bundestag (TAB) 2007, (TAB-Working Report No. 120)


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