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At ITAS, we contribute to exploiting the potential of technical progress while minimizing its risks. Our addressees are politics, business, and society – the actors who shape scientific and technological progress. We offer them knowledge for action and point out possible solutions to global challenges.
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TATuP on „Next generation sequencing“

Today, DNA sequencing is part of the standard repertoire of biological and medical research. However, the abundance and quality of the data obtained pose challenges for society and science. These are topics of the new TATuP issue.

Thematic evening “E-car or e-fuel?”

Electric vehicles and electrofuels are seen as a beacon of hope for climate-friendly individual transportation. We will discuss practical hurdles and the environmental balance sheet of the drive technologies at technik.kontrovers on Wednesday, 28 July 2021.

Vortragsreihe "Beyond Technology: Perspektivenwende in der Energietransformation"
"Beyond Technology" lecture series

The energy transition is more than a question of technology, it is a task for society as a whole. On this basis, researchers venture a "change of perspective in energy transformation" with four lectures. The series kicks off on Tuesday, 6 July 2021.

Sustainability assessment of agricultural systems

TAB-Arbeitsbericht No. 188 examines the possibilities of a comparative sustainability assessment of agricultural systems in order to generate more differentiated information on agricultural sustainability.



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