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Prof. Dr. Armin Grunwald

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Constanze Scherz


Elke Träutlein
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TATuP – Journal of Technology Assessment in Theory and Practice

The issue 3/2018 Drohnen in ziviler und militärischer Nutzung is online.

Office of Technology Assessment at the German Bundestag


ITAS Yearbook 2018

ITAS Yearbook 2018


The ITAS newsletter informs about projects carried out at ITAS, new publications, ITAS staff and upcoming events of the institute.



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Welcome to ITAS

ITASThe Institute for Technology Assessment and Systems Analysis (ITAS) investigates scientific and technological developments with a focus on their impacts and possible systemic and unintended effects. It produces analytical knowledge and assessments of socio-technical developments in order to provide policy and design options for decision-makers. The research covers ethical, ecological, economic, social, political-institutional, and cultural questions. Major goals are advice for research and technology policy, provision of knowledge for the design of socio-technical systems, and the organization and observation of discursive processes on open and controversial questions of technology policy.


Thematic evening “Wie fair ist die digitale Welt?”
Thematic evening “Wie fair ist die digitale Welt?”

On Tuesday, 26. February 2019, the next session of technik.kontrovers will take place. Scientists and the audience will discuss about the discriminatory risks of using artificial intelligence in areas like jobs, lending or health insurance.

Components of the Open Artificial Pancreas System
Type 1 diabetes: Impact assessment on DIY technology

With hacked insulin pumps, a growing community wants to better meet the needs of people with type 1 diabetes. A PhD project sheds light on the background of the jointly developed alternative to established medical technology.

Students of the Bauman Moscow State Technical University visiting ITAS
Visit by students from Moscow

From 16 to 25 January 2019, ITAS provided insights into current developments in Technology Assessment to prospective sociologists of technology from Russia. Researchers from several disciplines and institutions took part in the programme.



Study Attitudes towards big data practices and the institutional framework of privacy and data protection
Attitudes towards big data practices

Researchers of the ABIDA project conducted a nationwide survey in Germany on opinions towards big data applications in practice. One of the results: Automated decisions are mostly rejected irrespective of demographic characteristics or personal values.

From A for “Autonomer Güterverkehr” to Z for “Zukunft der Apotheken”

TAB has published six new short thematic profiles from its “Horizon Scanning” series.


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