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At ITAS, we contribute to exploiting the potential of technical progress while minimizing its risks. Our addressees are politics, business, and society – the actors who shape scientific and technological progress. We offer them knowledge for action and point out possible solutions to global challenges.
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Thematic evening “Clean and affordable energy - for everyone?”

Environmentally friendly, fair and safe. The power supply of the future must undergo fundamental change - in Germany and worldwide. We will be discussing how this can be achieved and what each individual can contribute on 20 May 2021, at "technik.kontrovers".

Let communities leadMarcelino Guedes
Global initiative for community energy transition

With local investments in clean energy technologies, communities can improve food security, health, human rights and more. The initiative “Let communities lead” by ITAS and ASU aims to empower marginalized communities in planning their energy futures.

New projects for 2021/2022

The German Bundestag has approved the further work programme of the Office of Technology Assessment at the German Bundestag.

Call for abstracts: European TA conference “Digital Future(s)”

In March 2022, the international TA community will meet in Karlsruhe to discuss the digital transformation and its challenges for policy, society, economy, environment, and research. Abstracts can be submitted until 15 June 2021.



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