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Urban timber construction in Germany

Not least due to its ecological advantages, timber construction is currently experiencing a renaissance and is increasingly finding its way into inner-city areas. The TAB Short Study deals with the status quo and the perspectives of urban timber construction.

Normative Energy Ethics Lecture Series

Starting in January, the PhilETAS research group will host the lecture series "Normative Energy Ethics." It highlights ongoing endeavors to engage crucial energy issues from the perspectives of ethical reasoning and reflection. Register now!

Doctoral program in “Climate, Resources, and Circular Economy”

The challenges of climate protection and careful use of natural resources are closely linked. To investigate the interactions, KIT, significantly represented by ITAS, and Pforzheim University award 15 scholarships.

Algorithms in digital media

More and more people inform themselves via search engines, social networks or video platforms that select their content with the help of algorithms. A new TAB working report examines how this practice affects opinion formation.




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