Annika Weiser

Dr. Annika Weiser

  • Institut für Technikfolgenabschätzung und Systemanalyse (ITAS)
    Postfach 3640
    76021 Karlsruhe

Fields of work

  • Real-world laboratories and real-world experiments
  • Transdisciplinary sustainability research
  • Innovative teaching and learning environments and (societal) learning processes

Current projects

  • tdAcademy for Transdisciplinary Research and Studies
  • Real-World Laboratory “Autonomous Driving in the Mobility System of the Future” (funded as part of the KIT Excellence-Strategy)
  • LinkLab - Linking Real-World Laboratory and disciplinary research - Fostering novel scientific insights and sustainability transformation (funded by the German Committee Future Earth)

On the internet

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Professional background

since 2023 Member of scientific staff at ITAS (Scientific Coordination of the research group “Designing Real-World Laboratory Research”)
2018 - 2023 Postdoctoral researcher at Leuphana College (Coordination of the module “Transforming knowledge: responsible action”)
2019 Doctorate (Dr. phil.) (Title: “TIME MATTERS. Unlocking the transformative potential of strategic approaches towards a more sustainable metal use”)
2012 - 2018 Researcher at Leuphana University Lüneburg, School of Sustainability (i.a. in the real-world lab “City of the Future Lüneburg 2030+”)
2009 - 2012 Sustainability Science studies (M.Sc.) at Leuphana University Lüneburg
2005 - 2009 Business and Environmental Law (LL.B.) studies at University of Applied Sciences Trier


Journal Articles
Book Chapters
Weiser, A.; Meyer, S.; Bernert, P.; Lang, D. J.
Problem- und projektorientierte Lehre transdisziplinär gestalten
2023. Bildung für nachhaltige Entwicklung in der Hochschule. Hrsg.: G. Michelsen, 25–44, Verlag Barbara Budrich 
Journal Articles
Weiser, A.; Wanner, M.; Stelzer, F.; Lang, D. J.; Berger, H.; Förster, A.; Liedtke, C.; Micklitz, H.-W.; Niewöhner, J.; Parodi, O.; Potthast, T.; Schneider, F.; Sörgel, F.; Ziehl, M.; Ziemer, G.
Exploring fruitful links between real-world laboratory and disciplinary research : Introduction of the DKN Future Earth working group LinkLab
2023. GAIA - Ecological Perspectives for Science and Society, 32 (3), 335–337. doi:10.14512/gaia.32.3.13Full textFull text of the publication as PDF document
Weiser, A.; Fricke, A.; König, A.; Lang, D.
Selbstexperimentieren für die Transformation – Verschiedene Ansätze zur Wissensproduktion und Wissensdomänen für die Nachhaltigkeitsforschung und -praxis
2023, October 16. Workshop "Die Vielfalt des Wissens und seine Relevanz: Was können wir im Hinblick auf den gesellschaftlichen Wandel lernen?" (2023), Karlsruhe, Germany, October 16–17, 2023