Refurbishment - an opportunity for a global sustainable development?

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    Woll, Tobias (Dissertation)

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Project description

The refurbishment of the existing housing stock is an important key to sustainable development. In particular, the refurbishment of buildings provides opportunities to significantly improve the energy efficiency of these buildings, to reduce CO2-emissions and to reduce the flows of material. Moreover, social improvements are possible, e.g. the social stabilisation of urban neighbourhoods. Aim of the study is to analyse to which extent building refurbishment contributes to the implementation of a global sustainable development. The study also deals with the gap between knowledge and action and tries to identify deficits and restraints that may impede the refurbishments. Therefore, investigations of four case studies in two German cities (Ludwigshafen and Cologne) were conducted: (1) Ludwigshafen Brunckviertel, (2) Ludwigshafen Ebertsiedlung, (3) Cologne Vingst, and (4) Cologne Zollstock. Following a qualitative approach, semi-structured interviews and document analysis are used as the main methods.

Woll, Tobias
Bestandssanierungen - Chance für eine global nachhaltige Entwicklung? Trier: Universität Trier 2011