Uncertainties and their impact on the assessment of eco-efficiency in early stages of chemical process development

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    Poncette, Dominik (Dissertation)

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    (resigned from ITAS)

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    Energy - resources, technologies, systems

Project description

The goal of the dissertation project is the development of a method for eco-efficiency assessment with integrated uncertainty analysis.

The indicator eco-efficiency relates the environmental performance of a product system to the product system usage. The elaboration of this relationship is part of the planned work. The basis for this is the selection and / or preparation of definitions for environmental performance and product system utilization. Approaches are provided, for example by P. Saling et al. (BASF). Solid definitions are essential so that eco-efficiency can be a meaningful indicator. Following the determination of the method of assessment, the uncertainty analysis follows. The method to be developed is applied to one or more (innovative) chemical processes in an exemplary manner and is optimized by means of this.

Particularly interesting is the step of classifying and quantifying different types of uncertainty. Technical, economic and ecological data may have different characteristics.

Administrative data

Supervisor: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jörg Sauer (KIT, IKFT)
Advisor: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Marcus Grünewald (RUB, FluidVT)
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Dominik Poncette, M.Sc.
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