Data on emissions from diffuse sources in the German pollutant register PRTR - - Update of existing and access to new data sets, optimization of the presentation

  • Project team:

    Poganietz, Witold-Roger (Project leader); Sibylle Wursthorn (Project leader), Tamara Spies

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  • Project partners:

    Karlsruhe Institute of Technology: Institute for Water and River Basin Management; University of Stuttgart: Institute of Combustion and Power Plant Technology and Institute of Energy Economics and Rational Energy Use (IER); IFEU - Institut für Entsorgung und Umwelttechnik GmbH

  • Research group:

    Socio-Technical Energy Futures

Project description

This project deals with data on emissions from diffuse sources. It includes the updating of existing and the access to new data sets as well as their validation for the German PRTR (

Based on the results of the preceding project "Data validation/Development of methods for an enhanced record and outline of the emission situation in PRTR" (FKZ 37 10 91 244),

  • the existing data sets will be updated and perpetuate,
  • the existing data sets will be complemented by new sectors, for example by considering mobile equipment in case of road traffic emissions,
  • the data sets identified will be compared for validation.

The current concept of data presentation which was developed in the preceding project will also be optimized by analyzing the new findings of the project.

The planned work will contribute to the further development of an approach to identify a data model for the mapping of diffuse sources in Germany for the PRTR to provide the general public with appropriate and understandable emission data.

In total, the project will cover three task fields.

One of them includes the validation of existing data for the areas households, transport, and agriculture. The data available for the German Länder will be used as an important data source here.

Based on the knowledge gained from the preceding project, the collected data will be updated and perpetuated in a second task field.

In the framework of the third task field additional data sources available in each sector will be identified. The level of aggregation of the data sets that have to be compiled and the pollutants that have to be reported will then be determined on this basis. In addition to the data on emissions from diffuse sources available at the UBA, other data sources will be analyzed regarding their usability.

The above-mentioned task fields will also be used to verify and, if necessary, optimize the concept of data provision.


Poganietz, W.-R.; Wursthorn, S.; Spies, T.; Helms, H.; Dünnebeil, F.; Schieberle, C.; Bruttel, S.; Friedrich, R.; Fuchs, S.; Toshovski, S.; Kittlaus, S.; Wander, R.
Daten zu Emissionen aus diffusen Quellen im deutschen Schadstoffregister PRTR - - Fortschreibung bestehender und Erschließung neuer Datensätze (Endbericht)
2017. Umweltbundesamt (UBA) 


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