Water and Wastewater - Determination of coefficients for assessment of qualitative and quantitative material flows in the water and wastewater area

  • Project team:

    Brune, Dietrich (Project leader); A. Sherif (Büro für Technologietransfer, Heidelberg)

  • Funding:

    Statistisches Bundesamt, Wiesbaden

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  • Research group:

    Sustainability and environment

Project description

Available data, figures and information about water and wastewater (including the figures of the Federal Statistical Office) must be checked and validated for the demands of the German Environmental Economic Accounting and for other further use. Suitable coefficients have to be determined for the various groups of water users and wastewater dischargers that enable the determination of the total water use and the total wastewater emission for each group separately and for all groups together. Reasonable estimation models will be developed for those time periods where no figures are available and for the closing of other data gaps. It will be especially investigated whether suitable reference quantities can be determined (i. e. quantities that can be used for the description of water users and wastewater dischargers and for which figures from other surveys are available).

The project is carried through in co-operation with the Öko-Institut Darmstadt e.V.


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