Envisioning the future of transformative technologies

  • type of event:

    Stakeholder dialogue

  • place:
    West Midlands Centre, Avenue d'Auderghem 22-28, Oudergemlaan, B-1040 Brussels
  • date:



Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) could support industry dealing with transformative technologies, such as automated vehicles or Internet of Things, to better address ethical and societal aspects of their products.

Goal of the event is to bring together companies, researchers, policy makers and government bodies and societal organisations to discuss how these aspects can be taken into consideration during the research and innovation process.

Issues of trust, transparency, sustainability and responsibility, ownership and privacy of data, safeguarding of human autonomy, as well as possible abuse of technology are some of the aspects that will be discussed.

How to develop responsible innovations that take into account societal needs and could find broad consensus within society? Which activities can be undertaken for the integration of RRI along the whole R&I value chain? How to involve stakeholders? What are the possible economic consequences for industry in terms of RRI adoption (or non-adoption)?

The event will address these questions, taking into account the work being develop with the pilot companies involved in the project.