Don’t believe the hype? TATuP on technology hypes

What leads to the emergence of hypes, what fuels them, what brings them to a sudden end, or helps them gain momentum? The new TATuP issue’s Special topic aims to contribute to a better understanding of the dynamics behind technology hypes.
Cover TATuP-Ausgabe 3/2023 „Technologie-Hype: Der Umgang mit überzogenen Erwartungen und Versprechungen“
TATuP issue 3/2023 “Technology hype: Dealing with bold expectations and overpromising”

A rapid increase in public attention, usually followed by an equally abrupt decline: “technology hypes” have a strong guiding effect and thus create – often unrealistic – expectations. This is the thesis of Jascha Bareis (ITAS-KIT), Maximilian Roßmann (TU Maastricht), and Frédérique Bordignon (Ponts ParisTech), editors of the new TATuP’s Special topic.

The Special topic “Technology hype: Dealing with bold expectations and overpromising” aims to contribute to a better understanding of the temporal and institutional dynamics that create hype.

The articles look into the deconstruction of the phenomenon based on examples from fields of technology such as quantum technology, artificial intelligence, nuclear power, or stem cell research. They also focus on the question of how risks in the context of technology hypes – for example wrong political decisions, the incorrect use of financial resources, or the insufficient research into urgent social consequences – can be addressed.

Interview on the history of responsible innovation and technology assessment

The TATuP interview with Danielle Shanley from Maastricht University goes back to the origins of technology assessment and responsible innovation in the 1960s. The philosopher of technology talks about early visions of interdisciplinary collaboration, dating back to a time before the founding of the Office of Technology Assessment in the US.

Also in the current issue: research articles on chatbots as a challenge for school teaching and on the scientific monitoring of the “Solar Decathlon Europe” architectural competition in Wuppertal as well as conference reports, book reviews, and news from the TA community. (18.12.2023)

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