Visiting scientists work on AI applications

Tanja Sinozic-Martinez from the Austrian Institute of Technology Assessment (ITA) is conducting research at ITAS for six months. ITAS researcher Jutta Jahnel takes the opposite route. The aim of the exchange is to deepen cooperation on digital topics.
Portraits von Tanja Sinozic-Martinez und Jutta Jahnel
Want to initiate collaboration between ITA and ITAS in the field of text-based chat programs: Tanja Sinozic-Martinez (left) and Jutta Jahnel. (Source: Markus Breig / KIT and ITAS)

Since January 2023, Tanja Sinozic-Martinez has been contributing her expertise as a TA researcher to the ITAS research group Digital Technologies and Societal Change. In return, ITAS will send Jutta Jahnel to its partner institution in Vienna for three months starting in March 2023. The two institutions have been in close contact and have collaborated in networks and projects for many years.

Cooperative approaches to text-based chat programs

With the exchange of the two scientists, the two most important TA institutions in their countries want to promote exchange on the conception and organization of their work. Thematically, the focus is on the field of digitalization and AI, for example, in digital communication, the risks and governance of AI-based technologies, and the design of socially responsible organizational cultures by AI companies.

Special consideration will be given to the current development of text-based chatbots such as ChatGPT, which have generated enormous public attention and diverse reactions in a short time. The two scientists want to develop a joint paper by summer. This will cover the reception and handling of the particular challenges of AI-generated language models and ideas for deeper collaboration in this area.

Experienced TA experts

Jutta Jahnel received her PhD in Water Chemistry and has been scientific staff member at ITAS since 2010. There, she most recently worked on the societal dimension of learning systems and led projects on the regulation of deepfakes. Tanja Sinozic-Martinez holds a PhD in Science, Technology, and Innovation Studies and has been working at ITA since 2015. There she conducts research on the interactions between technology, economy, and society and most recently worked on scientific advice during the COVID-19 pandemic. (28.03.2023)

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